Hadtex manufactures polyester nonwoven fabrics produced by spunbond processes using equipment capable of producing uniforms and high strength filaments. These products are available in polyester with a weight range of 15 – 160 grams / m2 with roll width up to 2200 mm, enabling us to fulfill the market demands.

Consistent high quality and product uniformity are achieved using advanced spunbond technology with fully automatic control system.

Often referred to as “engineered” fabrics, non woven have become key components in wide range of diverse products from furnishing, geotextile, automotive, filtration, building construction, agriculture, apparel, and more.

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Spunbond’s Characteristics :

  • Thermal bonded continuous filament
  • High tensile strength properties
  • Uniform fiber distribution
  • Compact construction
  • Heat stability
  • Excellent elongation and recovery at both high and low temperature
  • Resistance to high tear and puncture
  • High filtering capacity
  • High piling resistance



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